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A profoundly relaxing and soothing massage, working on the pressure zones of the feet and ankles to release tension and stress. Can be used in combination with other techniques including Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone Massage as well as Reiki for ultimate relaxation and rebalancing.


  • £45 for 45-minutes Reflexology Foot Massage

  • £70 for 75-minutes Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology

  • £70 for 75-minutes Acupuncture with Reflexology

  • £70 for 75-minutes Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology

  • £70 for 75-minutes Hot Stone Massage and Reflexology

  • £55 for 60-minutes Reiki and Reflexology

Reflexology Foot Massage is available 4-days a week Tuesday-Saturday (closed Thursday) by appointment only.