Traditional Thai (Yoga) Massage is very different to all of the other forms of massage I offer. Thai is performed fully clothed and on the floor using a thick comfortable mat. It is often called Yoga Massage (or passive yoga) due to the nature of deep stretching techniques used and postures which are similar to those used when practicing yoga.

Thai Massage is a unique form of body therapy, which dates back thousands of years and fuses together many forms of treatment including acupressure and joint mobilisation with its own techniques of gentle rocking, deep stretching and compression.

It is a wonderful treatment for improving joint mobility and stretching tight and restricted muscles. This makes it very popular with runners who can never seem to stretch their legs enough as well as yoga practitioners and anybody who just wants to feel more flexible.

For those who feel restrictions in certain joints, I can combine the Thai massage with Myofascial Release (MFR) for greater results.


  • £80 for 90-minutes

  • £100 for 120-minutes

Traditional Thai Massage is available 4-days a week Tuesday-Saturday (closed Thursday) by appointment only.