Chavutti Thirumal is a full body massage using warm oils and the feet to apply pressure. It dates back over 2000 years and originates amongst the kalari martial artists of Kerala on the southern coast of India. In Malayalam, the local dialect, it is literally translated as “massage by foot pressure”.

It was developed to maintain suppleness in the body and for treating pain and swelling. It is however equally suitable as a treatment for those not involved in regular or strenuous physical exercise and wishing to maintain their own fitness and well being.

Chavutti Thirumal is a unique form of massage as the feet are used predominantly to deliver long sweeping therapeutic strokes while the therapist maintains their balance by holding a rope, (you are not walked upon). The hands are used occasionally to apply oil and for massaging areas such as the head and face.

The full body is treated and a session can last from 1 & 1/2 – 2-hours. During this time you are asked to lay on your front, sides and finally your back. The treatment is carried out in a well-heated room and on a soft well-padded futon style mattress so you can really let go and sink in to the floor.

When you receive a Chavutti treatment, you are invited to be naked in the traditional method. You need not feel uncomfortable, your comfort is of paramount importance and your modesty is respected at all times. Towels and pillows are always at hand to cover areas and ladies are requested to wear a thong when coming in for a massage (a disposable one will be provided otherwise) and are welcome to be topless if they feel comfortable. If being topless makes you feel uncomfortable, a towel can of course be used to cover your chest or you can wear a bra top. In either case, the breasts themselves are not massaged. Gentlemen are welcome to be naked if they feel relaxed and comfortable that way. A towel can be placed when massaging the front of the body if preferred or a disposable thong can be provided free of charge.

Chavutti Thirumal is the ultimate full body massage, both deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Ever since I first experienced it many years ago it has remained my favorite style of massage both to receive and give!


  • £80 for 90-minutes

  • £100 for 120-minutes

Chavutti Thirumal Massage is available 4-days a week Tuesday-Saturday (closed Thursday) by appointment only.