In many ways, my journey as a therapist began with Reiki almost two decades ago. I have done a lot of training, self development and work since that time but the simple techniques of Reiki are still proving to be effective all these years later.

Usui Reiki, the traditional method, is a simple and safe form of energetic healing which can be shared with anybody who has a willingness to learn. There are classically 3-levels to Reiki training, 1,2 and 3 which is also known as Master. Each level of training takes the work a little further allowing you to develop and build confidence and experience. I mostly work with individuals who want to learn the techniques in a time honoured fashion but I have also taught couples and small groups.

If you are interested in pursuing a journey with Reiki, picking up where you may have stopped with another teacher or have questions then please get in touch.

Other Events

From time to time, I run events and workshops in a variety of additional subjects including Crystals, Flower Essences, Massage, Shamanism and Yoga. More information on my Shamanic healing services in Brighton and beyond can be found here.

Workshop details are posted here but I would also recommend that you also follow me on Twitter and Facebook and add your details to my mailing list to stay fully up to date with news.

If you are interested in having me run a workshop in your area then please get in touch to discuss the details.


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