Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is without doubt the most popular choice of massage among my clients. I think many choose deep tissue having had massage in spas or other clinics and finding it too light or not therapeutic.

Deep tissue massage requires experience and skill as it works with a firmer level of pressure than the more relaxing styles of massage, such as Swedish and Aromatherapy, to help release tension reduce scar tissue and alleviate pain and discomfort.

I always work closely with my clients to ensure we are working at a level of depth which they find comfortable and find that deep tissue massage is especially useful for treating problems such as tight knotted shoulders, backs and legs.

If you like deep massage but like to combine it with stretching, I would recommend you look at Sports & Remedial Massage which includes advanced stretching as part of the treatment. If you also like heat and find that a good hot bath or shower helps your muscles unwind, you can combine deep tissue massage with hot stones or Reflexology for the ultimate in unwinding!

For additional benefits, you can choose to add on essential oils or Acupuncture for just £3.00 or add Myofascial release techniques for an additional £6.00.


Please note the 35-minute treatment is not suitable for your first visit due to initial consultation requirements.

Brighton Therapeutic Massage